I'm Rena: a 20 year old college student and a thespian. I enjoy showtunes, cats, New York City, iced coffee, WWE, and Law and Order SVU. I'm here to fulfill Ra's Al Ghul's destiny. If you fancy to know more check out my about me (◕‿◕✿)
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Brendan Shaw literally just called to me wHISPER MY URL AND THEN HUNG UP. I CANNOT BREATHE

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brendanshaw replied to your photo: Having a good hair day~


Thanks, b~


brendanshaw replied to your post: I do like Taylor Swift…I just don’t want her to play Eponine

Can we cry because she is going to be Eponine…I almost did…


brendanshaw replied to your post: Instead of writing my papers during my cancelled class period, I watched The Hunger Games trailer 50+ times and took a two hour nap

what are you doing tonight from 8 to 10?

Some thing for Pi Phi in the BHC. I am not really sure what it is to be honest, lmfao


brendanshaw replied to your post: Just came back from my first class

I have Holistics Health too!

Woo! :)