Tonight wasssssss so amazing! Foofoo and I went to the Apocalyptour in Ann Arbor!! For some reason, it took us a long time to get to Ann Arbor even though we live 20 minutes away~ We got lost on the way there and back. I don’t know how, but it happened~ We seriously lucked out though. We got there and decided to get Chipotle and then went next door to Urban Outfitters. When we were crossing State St, I saw a guy and though “Wow, he looks like Brian Rosenthal!!” then I realized it was Brian Rosenthal!!! I tried getting Foofoo’s attention, but then she noticed walking down the street was almost all the Starkids. Joey, Dylan, Brian Holden, Joe, Meredith, Britney. We were freaking out. We may or may not have followed them to this restaurant…..we didn’t go in because we decided it was too rude! We did met Brian and Britney while they were hanging out at this quad across the street. We talked briefly to Dylan, Brian Holden, Meredith, Joey, and Joe when they were walking over to the theatre. We seriously feel like douchebags for stalking them, but yolo…? Lmao, anyways the concert was AMAZING!! They are PHENOMENAL live! So is Charlene Kaye! I loved the concert so much! Afterwards, we were in the mob of people waiting for the Starkids. We met Brian Holden and got a picture and he signed our shirts. We met Lauren and got a picture and we only talked to Meredith, but she was so funny! We apologized to them for stalking them earlier~ Brian was like “You were stalking us? Wow you guys are good because I didn’t notice” Tonight was a blast!!!!! Thanks, Starkids for being totally awesome!!!

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